Urban Classics TubeLaces White Flat Cash Pack (Pack of 5 pcs.) bills - 130 cm

2,76 €

Značka: TubeLaces
Dostupnosť: skladom

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It's all about the moooneeey! Others can be as modest as they want, but that doesn’t need you to stop showing the world what life really is all about, mother… cash! These dollar-stocked shoelaces in bills or dollar signs will give your sneakers an extra boost. That being said out with the old laces and thread in these stylish beauties, which will surely draw any rappers envy into his or her next rhymes!,Farba: bills,Zloženie: 100% Polyester

Parametre produktu

  • Veľkosť 130 cm
  • Dostupnosť 7 - 14 dní

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