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Značka: Stance
Dostupnosť: Skladom

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Stance's homage to the 1998 Coen Brothers classic, our new Big Lebowski collection really ties the room together... and thorough. Cue the tumbling tumbleweed, Joel and Ethan Coen’s 1998 cult classic film, The Big Lebowski, comes alive in an all-new collection that really ties the room together. Simply known as “The Dude”… or “El Duderino” if you’re not into the whole brevity thing, we’ve captured the real Jeffrey Lebowski’s famous knit sweater design alongside his favourite beverage of choice for a style that’s sure to make even Jackie Treehorn blush. Throw in a second look in honour of Dude’s beloved bowling obsession, highlighting the neon signage of lanes and alleys worldwide, and you’re onto the next round!

Parametre produktu

  • Size 3-5,5 (S)
  • FARBA biele
  • VEĽKOSŤ 3-5,5 (S)
  • ID 124941
  • SKU A545D20PRI-WHT
  • typ_produktu simple
  • cost 9.09
  • kategory_typ_prod Ponožky
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