Karrimor Power Dry T Shirt Ladies

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Značka: Karrimor
Dostupnosť: Skladom

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Karrimor Power Dry T Shirt Ladies,This base layer is made from a quick-drying material called POLARTEC (POWER DRY). The double-layered fabric absorbs sweat and diffuses it to keep the body dry.

The moisture-absorbing, quick-drying POLARTEC (POWER DRY), performs well in moments of high activity, maintaining the body’s comfort when sweating.

90% or more of the ultraviolet light is blocked by the material, protecting the skin from sunlight.

30% or more of the water from sweating is removed from the skin compared to a single layer construction.

POLARTEC® Power Dry® (Polyester 100%)

Product code: 444397

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