Children's Leather Sneakers With Velcro White Foster

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Značka: Kesi
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Sneakers with a classic ankle upper. They have Velcro fastening, which allows for a proper fit of the footwear. Embedded on a delicate platform. Made of eco leather with a rounded toe, reinforced with a rubber material. Are you looking for universal sneakers every day for your child? This model will be perfect! Sizes 18-23 have two velcro fasteners, while sizes 24-35 have three Velcro fasteners. When choosing a size, please use the size chart.,18-12,5/19-13/20-13,5/21-14/22-14,5/23-15/24-15,5/25-16/26-16,5/27-17/28-17,5/29-18/30-19,5/31-20/32-20,5/33-21/34-21,5/35-22cm

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