Blue denim shorts a'la Bermuda

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Blue denim shorts a'la Bermuda are the best summer cut for fashionable girls with fuller shapes. Longer leg prevents burns and covers the widest part of your thighs. In addition, we have enriched the Bermuda shorts with a clean design that matches the latest trends of this season. Longer shorts fastened with a button and a zipper, two large pockets and a watch pocket on the front, two classic pockets on the back, belt loops at the waist, medium condition. Perfect for a holiday trip outside the city, but together with a fashionable and sexy top, they will create a great outfit for an evening with friends. Match sneakers or sandals to the whole and enjoy the beautiful weather and summer!,cut: denim shorts a'la Bermuda,length: above the knee,leg: straight,extras: abrasion,occasion: every day, to school, to work, to the city, for the evening, for a party, for a date, for an official meeting, for a big occasion,available color: sky blue

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