3-PACK Men´s briefs ATLANTIC Sport white

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Značka: Atlantic
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3-PACK Men´s briefs ATLANTIC Sport white

Men's briefs with a universal cut, lower than the Classic model and cut high around the thighs. The width of the sides has been preserved.,Atlantic underwear, Basic collection,Smooth men's briefs in white with tunnel rubber. Cotton briefs with a sporty character are distinguished by medium-wide sides, a profiled basket and a low waist. These are men's panties made of soft and extremely durable cotton. Large sizes, in which briefs are also available, make it an ideal proposition for everyone.,SOFT COTTON fabric,A natural and soft fiber that has a wide range of applications. It is subjected to a special "combing" process. Which results in the strength of the material and the fabric's resistance to chemical and mechanical effects.,White men's briefs have a sporty cut. They are heavily cut around the thighs and have a low waist. The latter is finished with a soft, non-compressive and holding underwear in place with tunnel rubber. Briefs that perfectly fit the body are made of cotton that is pleasant to the touch, durable and resistant to high temperatures.,100% Cotton

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