2PACK men's boxers UNCS Goldman oversize (19Z038PSPP)

32,99 €
61,99 €

Značka: UNCS
Dostupnosť: Skladom

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UNCS - 2pack of men's boxers UNCS boxers are known for their perfect fit and wide range of sizes. Woven rubber supports the sporty style of these boxers and the material will not disappoint even the most demanding. On UNCS boxers, we must emphasize the ratio of quality and price. The price is more than acceptable and the quality excellent. If you are looking for comfortable boxers suitable for both sports and casual wear, UNCS is a great choice. They are packed in the original fabric packaging. - Rubber - woven- Panties - longer- Material - cotton- Composition - 95% cotton, 5% elastane- Wash - 30 ° C- Dryer - yes- Ironing - no

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